Chicago Real Estate Investment

In today’s market, Chicago real estate investment is one of the most successful avenues for financial growth – if done with a smart strategy and solid execution. Distressed properties are burgeoning, and competition to buy them is fierce. A 2011 AP report in the Chicago Sun Times reported that “one in 10 households is facing foreclosure, and more than two million homes have been repossessed since the recession began.”  According to JP Morgan Chase & Co., “bank foreclosures sell for roughly 40% less than homes sold the conventional way, dragging down prices throughout the city and suburbs.”  Chicago real estate investment presents significant opportunities for the pecuniary investor.

Distressed and bank-owned commercial and multi-family properties are the acquisition targets of Logan Ventures, a $50 million real estate fund. After purchase, all properties are renovated and leased on an all-cash basis, thereby achieving the best cost and velocity and offering investors compelling 5-year returns.