Executive Summary

Founded by real estate veteran Peter Smolenski and private equity expert Stanley Pillman in 2010, Logan Ventures I, II, III and IV LLC (Logan Ventures) has grown to over $550 million in gross assets under management. Logan Ventures takes a balanced portfolio approach of credit, value add and development real estate investments in; multi-family, office, retail, mixed use and hospitality. As Logan Ventures has grown, so have the opportunities with completed projects in excess of $250 million. Logan Ventures targets urban centric locations with diverse demographics and transportation complimenting the current environmentally aware trends. This creates a highly desirable work/life environment for today's tenants and bespoke exit or hold strategies for each asset.

Logan Ventures specializes in repositioning assets with mix of financial structuring, market savvy leasing, renovation and professional management. Each project is held the appropriate amount of time to maximize its value.

Logan Ventures has an experienced team of lawyers, accountants, property managers and construction personnel to execute an investor attuned business with discipline, efficiency and the nimbleness of a company whose principals are hands-on.