Real Estate Funds Chicago

For those looking to grow their portfolio via real estate funds, Chicago, with the third-highest foreclosure rate in the country, is a prime market. In March 2011 the Chicago Tribune reported that “Owners of 96,000 two- to six-unit rental buildings in Cook County are upside-down in $12.6 billion of mortgage debt, potentially putting 42% of small rental buildings in the county at risk of default.” There is strong potential for investors in real estate funds; Chicago, during the recent recession years, has seen a consistent rise in foreclosure rates. JPMorgan‘s estimates of REO sales predict no meaningful improvement in Chicago for at least two years. 

Logan Ventures is a $50 billion limited partnership founded to take advantage of the large number of opportunities present in the real estate industry. The company’s investment objective is to achieve capital appreciation by way of acquiring real property and property-related assets, with a focus on distressed and bank-owned commercial, multi-family for $10 million or less. After purchase, all properties are renovated and leased on an all-cash basis, thereby achieving the best cost and velocity and offering investors compelling 5-year returns.